5 Beauty Benefits of Activated Charcoal

If you’re a skincare junkie, you might have already heard of “activated charcoal” being used in beauty products such as masks, soaps, and even teeth whitening products. But what is it really? Activated charcoal is basically carbon treated to increase absorbency and is usually used in case of alcohol poisoning, drug overdose, water filtration, detoxifying, and now even to help take care of your skin.

How does it help with skin care? Well the theory is that since it absorbs the toxins in our body, this can also attract and absorb dirt and oil on our skin. According to Cosmetic Chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson, “When dirt and oil in your pores come in contact with the carbon, they stick to it and then get washed away when you rinse.

Gets Rid of Pimples              

Pimples are sometimes caused by clogged pores due to dirt and excess oil on your skin. Activated charcoal helps reduce the inflammation and sucks out the pimple-causing germs in those nasty little monsters. Using the Ella Naturals Black is Back Active Charcoal Mudpack two to three times a week in case of a breakout, can help out with your pimples especially since the mudpack also has Witch Hazel Extract and Tea Tree Oil, which are known ingredients in fighting off pimples.

Gets Rid of Blackheads

Since activated charcoal helps pull out the impurities from your skin, it can also help with removing your blackheads leaving you with a clearer and smoother skin.

Helps you out with your Oily Skin Problems

Activated Charcoal absorb the excess oils from your skin which can helps you have a more balanced skin type. You can use the Ella Naturals Black is Back Active Charcoal Soap to help you out with the cleansing process, but make sure to use a moisturizer afterwards to prevent from, eventually, drying up your skin.

Minimizes your Pores

Because activated charcoal helps clean out your skin from impurities, it can also help remove the clogs on your pores, helping your pores breathe better and making it less visible since your skin will then be cleaner and clearer.

Lightens your Skin

After treating your acne, you might have been left with acne scars which causes discoloration on your skin. Fret not! Activated charcoal also acts as a gentle exfoliator, which helps remove dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. And it’s not just for the face! It can also be used on your underarms and other dark spots on your skin.

Activated charcoal is definitely one of the most sought-after beauty products now because of its multiple use and proven effectiveness. That’s why Ella Naturals has decided to take on activated charcoal as one of its new products to give the best remedy to almost everyone’s usual skincare issues. Have you already tried any activated charcoal-based products?

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